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Solution: A Containerized Refrigeration System

Current ammonia system out of capacity?  No room for expansion with your current layout? Need refrigeration in a remote location?

Fully customizable to whatever your needs are. CRS units can be built with:

  • Reciprocating or Screw Compressors

  • Evaporative or Water-cooled Condensers

  • Custom Control Systems or match existing plant controls for integration

  • Plate and frame or shell and tube chillers

  • Vessels – Receivers, Surge Drums, Suction traps, etc.

  • Condenser water tanks & pumps

  • Water/Glycol storage tanks & pumps

  • Motor Starters, VFD’s

Our team will take care of all your industrial refrigeration needs

All Temp Refrigeration offers design/build Containerized Refrigeration Systems.  These CRS units are self-contained packages built off site and delivered.

Each CRS unit comes with ventilation, ammonia detection / audio-visual alarms, lighting, outlets, valve tagging, pipe and equipment labeling, proper signage, multiple entrances and safety relief systems compliant with industry guidelines.

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