Through its partnership with Summit Refrigeration and as a Cold Core company, All Temp Refrigeration extends its service capabilities to include other ways to add value for our customers. Whether it be designing an energy efficient system, or developing a cost-effective long-term capital expenditure program, or creating and managing a Process Safety Management (PSM) or Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) program, All Temp Refrigeration and a team of dedicated subject matter experts leverage decades of collective experience to provide specialized consulting services aimed at assisting clients to manage the complex challenges related to industrial refrigeration training.


  • Assistance with Process Safety Information

    • NH3 Inventory Calculation
    • Relief System Sizing and Calculations
    • Material/Energy Balance (MEB) Documentation
    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
    • Valve Tagging/Pipe Labeling
  • Process Hazard Training
  • Tier II Reporting Assistance
  • Mechanical Integrity Tests
  • RSM/PSM General Duty Compliance
  • Operator Training
  • Complete PSM/ARM Program Development
  • Support for Regulatory Audits
  • Training (Onsite and Group Training)

Web-based PSM Solution

We also offer a web-based compliance solution to streamline ongoing management of the program. With powerful notification features, this software solution will alarm for every element by OSHA and EPA, as well as your Tier II reporting requirement. We will work with you to design and implement this solution — by digitizing your PSM and RMP documents, compliance will be more streamlined and efficient. Whether it be a license or fully managed service, our web-based compliance solution can help!



The MEB+ analysis is a proprietary model that elevates the PSM-related reports to provide customers with a comprehensive perspective of the efficiency of the industrial refrigeration system. The MEB+ includes not only calculations from the material and mass energy balance, but also overlays additional calculations, NDT outputs and mechanical integrity findings to help isolate areas for improvement that help maximize ROI in capital planning.

NH3 Purity Tests & Anhydrator Rental Solutions

Ammonia purity is critical to maintain system efficiency and operating costs. An ammonia purity test is a simple, fast, and effective analysis to help identify areas for operational improvement.

Engine Room Staffing

All Temp Refrigeration can help provide temporary engine room staffing to assist with short or long-term engine room operator duties.

Customized Training

In conjunction with our Cold Core Group partner, Summit Refrigeration, we can develop and deliver customized industrial refrigeration training that would be additive to any required PSM-related training. Training topics vary from basic ammonia safety to more technical content.